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Melissa Caligiuri

I bet Matthew would be great on the football field - just like my Connor - they are built a lot alike. Of course, I was wishing maybe Griff would just want to play golf in HS (don't have to worry about the injuries!!),but he is following after the big bros, playing football and lacrosse.
SO sorry to hear about Jessie. My neighbors are going through the same issue with their 14 year old dog - she can barely walk :(


Karen Lopez

Hi Christina! Those are awesome grades! Robert went through the same thing with reading in that grade and one day it just clicked, but he still struggles a little.

I wish the 6th graders could play. Robert is anxiously awaiting to play baseball for the school next year. I'm sure Matthew will be awesome on the football team.

I'm thinking about Jessie. Hugs to you.

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