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Wow... I am in awe at anyone who can have their Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving!! You are a ROCK STAR!!


I read that article and it gave me chills. Prayers to this family. We had a player injured pretty bad last game, but he's just out for 6 to 12 months. Waiting for the ambulance and watching it all was not good.

Have fun with yoru friend and best of luck to her during the race.

Christmas shopping? You GO! I am so out of sorts with Christmas this year. We are supposed to spend it in CA this year so I don't even think we'll put up a tree. I kinda wish we were staying home. What do your boys want this year? I guess I better start asking Robert.

Jodi Ethington

Christine my dd runs half marathons right now and is running next week. I loved reading about the race and I am so impressed and will keep them in my prayers.

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